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Paul Aston & Aberko profile
The Deerstalker name first appeared on a whisky in 1880 and Hutchison’s traces its origins to 1750. Owned by Aberko Limited since 1994 who acquired these brands, the company is owned & run by Paul Aston previously Export Director at Bass Plc . The Balmenach malt has been associated with Deerstalker for 30 years but other malts have been added to create a range covering 10,12,15 & 18 Years. All are natural colour.

Hutchison’s Ginger Wine is the only commercially produced ginger wine from Scotland and the Ginger Cream is a new addition since 2008.

Søren Nørgaard’s remark: The Deerstalker Whisky was our very first single malt whisky, and it is a classic. Don’t miss this whisky:-)

Wilson & Morgan

Rum Nation

Ron Millonario

Fabio Rossi
I am an Oenologist, my grandfather was a wine merchant in the port of Venice,my father a wine & whisky importer and distributor after world war two.

After my studies I left the wine business and started in 1992 an Independent whisky company (single malt) in Edinburgh- Wilson & Morgan

Later my interest went to rum, I visited most distilleries in Caribbean, Rum festin Barbados in 2000, and I founded Rum Nation in 1999, again as an independent rum bottler.

Both products are well represented inJapan, France, Germany, Holland,Switzerland, Denmark and of courseItaly, where today they can be found in most Michelin Star restaurants.

In year 2001 after the success of Zacapa in Italy, I started to look for a Latin style aged rum from molasses that could beat Zacapa. I found the liquid in Perù, then it took me some years to develop a solera blend of 15yo down to 8yo rums,

with such a finesse and persistence. Lately we decided to present it in straw,since Zacapa was no longer using it.

The result is a symphony of strong, vigorous flavours and aromas so rich and lush that at Polished Palate’s International Rum Festival 2008 it wasjudged best of category in premium rums over 15 years old, and was awarded a deserving gold medal.

Again at Polished Palate’s International Rum Festival 2009, won a Gold Medal in its category, but this year because all 8 judges gave it a 90 points plus score, it won the best of the Best of the Show Award.

Which means we can proudly declare that Ron Millonario is the best rum in the world.

Web site Ron Millonario

Douglas Laing, Glasgow

The Douglas Laing promo movie on YouTube


Jan Beckers, The Douglas Laing Company

Three Generations In The Making:

Douglas Laing & Co. was founded in 1948 by Fred Douglas Laing – “FDL” – a man on a mission to sell his prized Scotch Whiskies around the globe.

We are now in our third generation of Laing’s at the helm and we continue to regard ourselves as Whisky Specialists. Our aim is to steadfastly create a quality, handcrafted selection of the finest Blends, with an extensive range of Single and ‘Vatted’ Malts together with some old Grains gleaned from our large stocks, gathered and replenished over many decades.

We blend (where appropriate) and bottle all our whiskies with such care and devotion that we’ve earned ourselves an enviable reputation for style and taste, one which we continuously strive to enhance.

Our Malt and Blended Scotch Whiskies have been laid down to rest and mature over many long years awaiting your consumption and fortunately they are available in a growing number of specialist outlets.

We sincerely hope that you will seek them out – then relax and take your time to enjoy all our whiskies at the same leisurely pace that they have been waiting for you.

BenRiach Distillery Nigel Robinson, Regional Sales Manager. Ben Riach Distillery
Established in 1898, BenRiach is a Speyside distillery, located in the north-east region of Morayshire. The distillery is independently owned, having been acquired from Chivas Brothers (Pernod Ricard) in April 2004 by three entrepreneurs; Billy Walker, formerly of Burn Stewart Distillers, and South Africans Geoff Bell and WayneKeiswetter.

The transfer of ownership of an established distillery with real credibility from a multi-national into independent hands is a rare and significant event, and one which is universally well-received by whisky enthusiasts as a malt of previous limited availability becomes much more accessible.

The distillery is medium-sized, with four stills (two wash stills and two spirit stills), and has the capacity to distil over 2.5 million litres of alcohol per annum. All of our whisky is matured on-site, where we have five traditional ‘dunnage’ warehouses, with storage space for over 20 000 casks.

Importantly, with the distillery we acquired stock dating from 1966 to the present day, which means we have an unbroken inventory that allows us to maintain consistency both in terms of product quality and availability.

This has allowed us to bring to the market a range of expressions that encompasses a wide variety of styles and ages of whisky, including ‘Classic Speyside’, various wood finishes and an extensive array of single cask vintage bottlings, some dating as far back as 1966.

Additionally, and unusually for a Speyside distillery, we distil whisky from both styles of malted barley, non-peated and peated, which allows us to capture the defining taste of peat reek in a few of our special bottlings (the 10YO Curiositas, the 21YO Authenticus, Birnie Moss and a number of peated / wood finishes).

BenRiach was awarded the title of ‘Global Distillery of the Year’ 2007 by Malt Advocate magazine, and then ‘Global Distiller of the Year’ 2009 by Whisky Magazine at the World Icons of Whisky Award.

Dos Maderas rum Edward Butler, WIlliam & Humbert

Born and raised in London England

My father was in the Sherry trade for many years.

Worked in Banking and the City.

Moved to Jerez 15 years ago and have been in the Sherry Bodegas for total of 12 years, (4 with Williams & Humbert).

Very happy to be participating with MAC Y and Altia Denmark for this wonderful idea to show off and promote our rums.

Opthimus RumLink info Opthimus Rum Sebastien Foloppe

After a 12 years experience in the spirits export business for the french companies La Martiniquaise and OPOSIT Wnes & Spirits, Sébastien is nw managing his own company, Premium Spirits Co, a brand agency developping new markets for premium spirits & liquors.
He will be representing at MAC Y Show the spanish company SPIRITSLAND and their unrivaled premium dominican rums OPTHIMUS.

Ever since its years as a Spanish colony, Cuba has enjoyed an excellent reputation for producing magnificent sugarcane rums and spirits. Dating back to the mid-19th Century, the rums produced by the Oliver family have been among the most renowned examples of that excellence.

When Juanillo Oliver left Spain and arrived in Cuba at the end of the 18th Century, he began working in tobacco and sugarcane farming as well as in the production of their by-products: cigars, cigarettes, alcohols and spirits. Eventually, the Oliver family specialized in the production of rum and by the mid-19th Century their rums were considered the best in the world. During the Cuban War of Independence in 1895, the family’s sugarcane fields were burned and razed by the liberation army during their campaign in the central area of the island. These events marked the end of both the Oliver family’s rums and the age of colonial power on the island.

When the Cuban Revolution began in 1959 members of the Oliver family left the island and relocated throughout the world. In early 1980 one of Juanillo Oliver’s descendants returned to Cuba where his curiosity led him to research his family history. He found and carefully examined hundreds of files and documents, among which were the original formulas used by the Oliver family in the 19th Century to make their Cuban rums. Excited by this discovery, he vowed to revive the Cuban rum that had given the family fame and fortune in the previous century.

Since it shared similar weather, topographical and geological characteristics with its sister island, Cuba, the Dominican Republic was the ideal location to set up the new distillery. The rum plant was designed and built by chemical and industrial engineers from Cuba. The Oliver family also consolidated its team by integrating a group of master rum-makers from Cuba who had relocated to the Dominican Republic. Backed by decades of experience in the Cuban rum and spirits industry, these rum- makers were the artisans that enabled the family to fulfill their dream of once again producing their celebrated rums. The master rum-makers acquired carefully selected American oak barrels used to make rums that had been aged for more than 12 years. It was then that the history of the Oliver family and rum reemerged.

In 1990, the first year of rum production, the dream became a reality and, after nearly 100 years, the authentic and exquisite Cuban rums produced by the Oliver family were proudly offered to the world.

Spiritsland is a new wave company providing its clients with tailor-made products, always within the Super and Ultra Premium range.

Our products are exclusive with personalized designs and are top quality. Not only is design important, what’s inside is the best part.

This is Spiritsland. A new way of spirits, the other side of spirits.

A new world of pleasure unfolds before your eyes. Come and enjoy! Discover a new land, discover Spiritsland.

A.H. Riise rom Henrik Klimek – Vinhuset Norden

Representing the re-creation of the old Danish rums from St. Thomas, once owned by Denmark, but today part of the Virgin Islands (US).

Stauning Danish Whisky Lasse Vesterby & Stefan Baumgart
Stauning Whisky Destilleri

One of its kind

Stauning Whisky is the only active Danish whisky production that uses Danish barley. We malt our own barley and use copper pot stills for distillation.

We take no shortcuts and make no compromises along the road towards the final product.

We use only our own malted Danish barley.

We use special Danish peat for the Peated Reserve.

We use two pot stills for distillation – a wash still and a spirit still.

With great respect for the world’s finest whisky production in Scotland, we have chosen to follow their historical production methods. This way we ensure that Stauning Whisky is a unique product, the only one of its kind, and at the same time a whisky of premium quality with character and history.


Abuelo Rum, Panama

Cristóbal Srokowski

Brand Ambasador for Abuelo Rum.

Abuelo Rum since 1936

Abuelo Añejo, our house specialty, is rum that is richly aged in white oak barrels. Produced from the fermentation of the juice of thousands units of sugarcane, we have utilized cutting edge technical procedures and the experience of the rum making tradition in its aging and production. Its unique quality is achieved with time, shadow and silence. Enjoy it alone, on the rocks or with your favorite mixer.Abuelo

Abuelo Añejo 7 años, is the result of our passion for producing the best aged rum. Produced from the fermentation of sugarcane juice, it is aged for 7 years in small barrels made with white oak, carefully selected for this product. Under the tropical heat and the strict supervision of our master rum maker this rum develops a refined aroma and an exquisite taste over the years.

Abuelo 12 años, the great reserve of our house, reflects our passion for producing the best aged rum. Sublime distillation, the best selection of white oak barrels and the passing of time under the tropical heat have resulted in this extraordinary product. Its character, softness and complexity will give satisfaction to the most sophisticated and challenging palate.


Varela Hermanos S. A. has a history that dates back to 1908 when Don José Varela Blanco, a young Spanish immigrant, launches the Ingenio San Isidro in the town of Pesé, the first sugar mill in the then recently formed Republic of Panama.

The town of Pesé, established in the middle of the XVIII century, is located in a fertile valley in the middle ofPanama, where the main commercial activity of its near 10,000 inhabitants is the cultivation of sugarcane.

In 1936, agreeing to the wishes of his 3 eldest sons, José Manuel, Plinio and Julio, Don José begins the distillation of sugarcane juice for the elaboration of liqueurs, and was distinguished from the start for products of extraordinary quality.

Since then, Varela Hermanos S. A. has maintained a leadership position in the liqueur industry of Panama, and today they produce approximately one million boxes a year, representing 90% of the national market of liqueurs.

Santiago Bronchales, Ocean’s Distillery

I studied Computer Science but some time later, I decided to change to the “Enology” which become a real passion for me. After having been working for a years as a winemaker, I began doing some experiments on the different process of distillation and inevitably, I got closer and closer to the world of rum.

Lately I conducted Master studies in Marketing and Promotion and just months ago I’ve also completed Master studies in International Relations and Foreign Trade, but I’ve never forgotten my true calling, so during the last five years I’ve been focusing all my efforts on fully develop my knowledge about rum.

Today in Ocean’s Distillery, the areas of Production and R&D&I are my field.

The creator of the Opthimus rum range and other rums. Presently working as a consultant for more rum destilleries and have new projects underway.

One of these projects is Ocean’s Distillery from where Mac Y has the 4 rums that have been made until now. This is a very exciting project which Satiago and Marta will be happy to tell you much more about.

Marta Brosed – Ocean’s Distillery28 years old. Native of Zaragoza (Aragon, Spain)

I’m economist specialized in economic analysis. Master in applied economic. Currently I’m also involved into a PHD programme at the “Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona” due to my concern about research.

In Ocean’s Distillery I’m developing Administrative Activities and Tax Advice in addition to managing Public Relations, Media and Communication.

Tomatin Single Malt Whisky Scott Adamson, Tomatin Distillery

Having graduated with a degree in Scottish History, Scott Adamson joined the team at Tomatin Distillery in 2012. Since joining the team Scott has researched the long history of whisky production in Tomatin and has spent time working in several aspects of production learning the various methods used to make whisky. As one of the last distilleries to provide housing for their staff Tomatin is a community as well as a distillery and Scott now lives on site. In his current position as Regional Sales Manager Scott’s role varies from day to day with much of his time spent overseas hosting tastings and attending events. His favourite part of the job is enjoying a dram of Tomatin with the people he meets on his whisky travels.

  Luis Viera, Santa Teresa Rum


Originally from Venezuela, Luis graduated from the European Business School in London in 2004. Back then he worked as a sales rep. for Ron Santa Teresa during the introductory phase of Venezuelan rum to UK. After a break, Luis returned to work for Ron Santa Teresa in Spain in 2011 where he is currently Sales Manager overlooking the supply chain from the Hacienda down to the point of sale, from a commercial point of view.

Pusser’s Navy Rum Michael Mattersberger, Haromex/Pusser’s Rum

Dirk Peters and Michael Mattersberger together have worked for almost 15 years in the spirits industry. From the upscale hotel business they found their way to the spirits industry and today look after different markets in Europe, supplying these with premium spirits from all over the world and writing for different magazines on upgrade spirits. Especially in the Rum sector they sell several hundred Rum brands and are always on the look-out for lost Rum specialties all over the world. Both Dirk and Michael look forward, together with Mac-Y, to be present at the Rum and Whisky Festival in Denmark and hope to surprise the audience with selected Rum specialties

Pusser’s Navy Rum Dirk Peters, Haromex/Pusser’s Rum

Dirk Peters and Michael Mattersberger together have worked for almost 15 years in the spirits industry. From the upscale hotel business they found their way to the spirits industry and today look after different markets in Europe, supplying these with premium spirits from all over the world and writing for different magazines on upgrade spirits. Especially in the Rum sector they sell several hundred Rum brands and are always on the look-out for lost Rum specialties all over the world. Both Dirk and Michael look forward, together with Max-Y, to be present at the Rum and Whisky Festival in Denmark and hope to surprise the audience with selected Rum specialties.

This year you’ll also have the opportunity to mee Robert Birnecker, representative from Koval Distiollery in Chicago for which Haromex is the European Distributor.

Jens Lindby, Økovin

Oekovin is specialised in organic spirits and organic wine. We have not only whisky, but also gin, cognac, armagnac, vodka, schnapps etc etc.

We have 15 years of experience and believe we are best and biggest in Denmark in organic wines and spirits.

Da Mhile

Our aim is to support the growth of sustainable, ecological farming practices. We do this by promoting the sale of our own organic whisky and other organic spirits. Our whisky is made with 100% organic barley, yeast and pure water and is certified by the Soil Association.

Organic single malt

Nose: Salt, fat, tobacco
Palate: Sweet, malty background, coconut.
Finish: Lively, chewy and tantalisingly spicy.
Comment: An extraordinary finish, suggesting something twice the age.

Organic single grain

Nose: A gentle sweetness that sits well with vanilla.
Taste: Beautifully chewy with gentle vanilla and butter tones.
Finish: Short but refuses to lose balance. Absolute class.

Jim Murray: 90 points (brilliant)

Rum “César”

This rum has a typical smell of rum from melass and honey. Some sweetness and notes from nougat and ripe raspberry and a long and woarm final.

César Colussi

Is located in Capanema in Brasil, where the the sugar cane is widely grown.

The destillery is making high quality cachaca and rhum. Organic and fairtrade.

Niels Nielsen, Cigar maker

Niels Nielsen is the best and the only cigar maker in Denmark. He has over 20 years of experience in the making of fine cigars. He will be showing the old skilled trade – come and see.

Jim and Jonathan Gordon, The Pearls of Scotland

We have known Jim Gordon for many years at Mac Y – before he was the man behind the Scott’s Selection series, andin 2013 he, and his son Jonathan, created The Pearls of Scotland, which Mac Y distributes in Denmark. 

Dictador Rum

After 10+ years of experience in hospitality, sales and costumer advising to improve internal operations for businesses (Bars and restaurants). I have joined the most exiting project so far in my carear (Dictador). As Brand Manager of the UK, I am in charge of multiple tasks such as business development, account managing, training and  bringing awareness of the brand. Also I support the international team in delivering the Vision of our company through trainings, exhibition and Social media.